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Discovery Education Tools

Resources for Student Exploration in DE

Spotlight on Strategies

Are you looking for new and creative ways to integrate digital media into your curriculum?  These strategies and resources help you dive deeper into the intentional and effective integration of Discovery Education’s digital content.  Visit Spotlight on Strategies to access over 100 Digital Integration Strategies.

EBSCOhost Tools

EBSCO Research & Writing Tips for Students

Recipe for Research

Research Made Easy with Explora:


  • PebbleGo (K-3) - Teaches beginning researchers the basics in simple navigation, video and audio clips, citations, image downloading, and definitions.
  • PebbleGo Next (Gr. 3-5) – Teaches students to cite articles, create reports, and share what they’ve learned through a streamlined interface, animated highlighting, educational videos and games, and critical thinking questions.

World Book Tools


Webquests allow students to learn and practice basic database research skills that will be helpful to them in using other online databases.  Go to Educator Tools in World Book Advanced (under the "Research and Resources" tab at the top right of the homepage.) or World Book Student (under Educator Tools at the top right of the homepage.) scroll down to Webquests in the navigation pane.

Have you ever been given an assignment about a topic you know nothing about? Did you know where to start? Use the webquest link below to learn how to use the World Book Advanced database resources. Once you have the basic research skills down, you'll know exactly where to find the facts!

E.g.  RESEARCH SKILLS: Using the World Book database (this particular Webquest is only in World Book Advanced)
Take the Webquest!  An answer key is provided at the end.

MediaSmarts Tools