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Parent Moodle Access

We know tracking student progress through online courses can sometimes be difficult so we have created a way for parents to login to Moodle to view the course, see their progress in each course and a better sense overall of how their education program is progressing.  In Moodle you will be able to view the grades, feedback and progress for your students in all their courses.


Access is tied to your parent account in Encom. You can login to using the same login and password as Encom.

Viewing the Information

Once logged in you will see a list of your students and a brief description.


Clicking the Student Progress Report button will open a page with a table showing all your students and the courses they are in.

Progress Report Table

On this page you can view the progress and grade for your students.  For a more in-depth look you can use the following icons to:

View an activity log showing dates when work was submitted, grades were returned, etc.

View a breakdown of grades and feedback comprising the overall grade.