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Gizmos (Gr. 3 - 12) are interactive math and science simulations. Over 475 Gizmos aligned to the latest standards help educators bring powerful new learning experiences to students.  Gizmos use an inquiry-based approach to learning validated by extensive research as a highly effective way to build conceptual understanding.  Gizmos meets the requirements of inquiry-based learning as described in the new BC curriculum.

This Subscription is available to Enrolled and Flex families.

Logging In

Gizmos is set up with classrooms that students can sign into and work in independently. Their work is saved, and support teachers can see their accomplishments. Gizmos requires class codes to log in, so please email Margaret Basaraba for help.

Using the Subscription

When your students are in their class, helpful articles are to the right of the Gizmos.

Select “Launch” to begin using a Gizmos.

When your Gizmo opens, you will see “lesson info” and the arrows to select to make the Gizmo fullscreen in the top right-hand corner. (Select the escape button to change back from the fullscreen.)

Selecting the “Lesson info” drop-down menu will make the “student exploration sheet” available. This sheet teaches your student how to use the Gizmo. If you open the Word document and save it to your computer, your student can answer the questions directly in the document.

You will also see the “vocabulary sheet” and “Full lesson info” buttons.


Assessment questions are below the Gizmo when it is not in fullscreen mode. Scroll down to see them.

Assessment questions can be answered while the student is working through the Gizmos.

When you are logged into your Gizmos account, you can open the links below.

Gizmos are available in the French language. 

Gizmos are available in the Spanish language.

For families wishing to use Gizmos with K-2 students, here are some suggestions from the Gizmos staff:

Science-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (Word document to download onto your computer)

Science-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (.pdf file you can open and view online)

Math-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (Word document to download onto your computer)

Math-Gizmos-for-Grades-K-2 (.pdf file you can open and view online)



You can contact Margaret Basaraba by email for help with any questions.