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Twig Science


Twig Science (Gr. 6 - 10) is an interactive science program that gets students immersed in the exciting world of science and natural phenomena. It has thousands of short amazing videos covering math, science, and 81 key experiments.

This Subscription is available to Enrolled, Flex and Registered students.

Access to Twig has changed. It was previously a resource mainly for teachers in classrooms but has become accessible to parents, as well. 

Logging In

  • Enter Focused Education here.

  • Scroll down to the "Twig Science" icon and select it.


  • Enter the username and password found in the Search Portal under the BC Digital Classroom heading. (Enter your Encom username and password to log in to the Search Portal to find the login for Twig Science. Then, select the Subs/Passwords tab.)


  • Once you have logged in to any resource on the BC Digital Classroom, you will be able to enter any other resource in the Classroom without logging in again.

Using the Subscription

You can explore Twig resources by subject.


Once you have entered the site, you can also use the drop-down menu "find videos" on the top right to select how you would like to use Twig Science.


Mind Maps and Twig Videos

There are many different types of Twig videos available for Science and Math. Select "Mind Maps" from the drop-down menu and then select a topic. Each heading with then branch into more specific headings as you narrow your search.

Once you have selected your topic you will have available a short video, lesson plans, worksheets, diagrams, etc.

Find out more below.

Experiment Videos - A series of short videos that show actual experiments in lab conditions. Setup, Method and Analysis are shown, along with real-world applications of the science, all accompanied by extensive learning materials.

Curriculum Videos - Get straight to the facts in just three minutes. They are directly linked to core learning, and these videos will fit neatly into your lesson plans. Top tip: These videos sit in the larger circles in the center of each topic Mindmap.

Context Videos - Place learning in the real world and show students the relevance of their studies. Twig’s context videos show abstract concepts in action in the real world. Top tip: Context videos sit in smaller circles around the edge of the topic Mindmap.

Science Glossary Videos - Key scientific terms are defined in just 60 seconds and reinforce abstract concepts. Top tip: Related glossary videos are in the Glossary tab underneath the video player.

List View

List View is also found under the drop-down menu.

Science Glossary Index



You can contact Margaret Basaraba by email for help with any questions.