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Discovery Education


The Discovery Education (K - 12) online video library contains over 5,000 full-length educational videos, including Canadian content correlated to Provincial standards.  

This Subscription is available to Enrolled and Flex families.

You can search the library easily to find what you’re looking for.  Discovery Education is an excellent supplement to every student’s education.  There are videos covering a wide variety of topics in arts and music, science, language arts, health, and social studies.  The site includes:

Hundreds of Canadian topics, such as:

  • Canadian geography

  • Canadian History

  • Canadian culture

  • Canadian attractions

  • Famous historical figures

  • Video clips and audio files in French, as well as French language instruction

Logging In

Log in to Discovery Education Streaming Plus.  NOTE:  Be sure you are logging into the Canadian site, or your login will not work. Use the username and password in the Search Portal under the Subs/Password tab. (Log in to the Search Portal by using your Encome username and password.) You do not need to set up an account to use Discovery Education.

Using the Subscription

Here is a 2-1/2-minute video on Using Search in DE, which will help you find DE's channels and other items.  It will download to your computer and begin playing. I highly recommend watching this as it defines 'channels' and quick lists, etc., and is a brief overview.

Search Discovery Education using the search bar and by subject, trending, or standard. You can also search a collection of resources curated by Discovery Education called “channels.”

Audio Files: Listen to important speeches, music, and other educationally relevant audio files to engage students who learn best by sound.

Video: Discovery Education provides students with the vibrant, compelling digital media they need to enhance classroom learning.

You can return to the homepage from anywhere in Discovery Ed by selecting the DE icon at the top left of the page.

The three blue bars open to a drop-down menu where you can browse standards by province.


Help Logging In

You may need to hand-type your username and password into Discovery Education to log in.


You can access Margaret Basaraba by email at for help with any questions.