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Learning Commons Resource Overview

We are excited to share with you all of the resources available to families, as well as how you can access them.

What is available to families?

  • A wide variety of books, eBooks, and audiobooks for families to borrow throughout the year.
  • A curated list of subscriptions to online research tools, videos and other education resources. You can access the login information for these resources via the Subscription tab.
  • A broad range of hands-on resources including unit study kits (curated curriculum for Grades K-9), Maker Kits, robotics, microscopes and more!

Accessing the resources as a parent

You can access the Learning Commons resources at using your Encom login. If you don’t recall your Encom information you can reset your account by clicking here.

For more information on accessing the resources visit our Getting Started page for tutorials on logging in, how to search and more.  

Accessing resources as a student

Students are able to access the resources above using their Encom account as well. Students enrolled in online courses can use the same information they use to access Moodle following the steps outlined in our Getting Started video. If they are not in online courses you can visit for steps on creating their account.

(Moodle is still there for the next year 2023 for students who are finishing old courses; otherwise, we have transitioned to Brightspace). 

If you change your password in Encom it will also change for the Learning Commons. It takes up to 24 hours for the changes to update.

Physical Resource Limits

  • The loan period is 10 weeks
  • 8 free shipments, (4 round trips there and 4 back), per school year, Aug. 1st. To June 18th.
  • Maximum of 40 items per shipment, minimum of five items.
    • Maximum of 6 unit study kits out at one time (and part of the 40 item max).
    • Maximum of 8 media items which include DVDs, CDs, and CD Rom (part of 40 items max).
  • High School Textbooks (Grade 10-12) are loaned out for 8 months.
  • Contact Shandra Wiebe if you have questions about resources, or need assistance booking items
  • Kelly Wiebe ( and Raine Oddy ( are your shipping experts


Meet our Learning Commons staff here, or catch us on Live Chat daily between 9 - 3 pm.