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4Canoes magazine (K - 12) has articles vetted by the indigenous communities about which they were written. 

This Subscription is available to Enrolled, Flex and Registered families.

This is considered a very accurate resource. These magazines were printed initially by "Canoe Kids," but wanting to appeal to all age groups, they changed the name to "4 Canoes.”  The number 4 is sacred, so it is culturally relevant. Through Focused Education Resources and the BC Digital Classroom, we now have access to the digital magazines available on the Canoe Kids website.   

Logging in to 4 Canoes

You cannot access the 4 Canoes site directly.  You must go through the Focused Education Resources site to get to the BC Digital Classroom

Scroll down to the icons below.  Select the first available icon, Canoe Kids.


Fill in the login page with the username and password found in the Search Portal under the Subs/Password tab. (Use your Encom username and password to log in to the Search Portal.) Scroll down the new page to see all of the resources. image-1589317229487.png

Staying Logged In

Once you have logged in to one of the resources on the Focused Education page, you can quickly move to another resource title without signing in again. Focused Ed will allow you to move between resources after signing in only once. Each new resource that you open will open in a new tab.

Using the Subscription

A slider bar or forward arrow underneath the magazine allows you to move quickly from one place to another within the magazine. There is also an arrow in the magazine's middle, far-right, and far-left to turn page by page.

There is also a section at the end of some of the articles for "Recommended Resources," which will enhance teaching.

Near the end, the "Kids Fun Zone" has activities for use with children.  There are traditional interactive stories and activities to accompany them.

Purchase of the Magazines

It is possible to purchase the print version of these magazines from in Ontario using a discount code " ERAC " for a 30% discount.

Using 4 Canoes with Primary Students

  • Use stories from the "Teachers' Corner" and pair them with books from the evaluated resources in the Focused Education Resources site.  These are useful for read-aloud times.

  • Look at community resources through bands in your area.  These may give language and story resources for classroom use.  

  • It may be possible to find the language of your local bands on online sites.  These can be played in your classroom.

  • There are links on the index page to take you to any article you’d like to access.  There is also a slider bar underneath the magazine, allowing you to move quickly from one location to another.

  • Near the end, “Kids Zone” has activities for use with children.  Traditional interactive stories and activities accompany them–clicking links will take you to further sites.

NOTE:  We have permission to print portions of the magazines for family use, just not to print the entire magazine.  



You can access Margaret Basaraba by email at for help with any questions.