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The Role of the Grad Advisor

In the grad program at HCOS, students are connected with a Grad Advisor based on the region where they live. These Grad Advisors work alongside students and families throughout their time in the grad program to help plan, support and guide students to successfully complete grade 12.

Grad Advisors are typically available during regular school hours to connect with students and families. They are willing and able to communicate in a variety of ways, including email, phone calls or Zoom chats. Below is a brief outline of what your Grad Advisor can help you with, and what things are outside of their responsibilities. 

HCOS Grad Advisors are Responsible for: 

Applications and intake

GA’s formally accept students into the HCOS grad program once they complete the application form. This process also includes orientation and helping students get set up upon entering HCOS in grades 10-12

Knowing Students

GA’s want to get to know students in order to understand a student's strengths and challenges. This helps them tailor a specific path to graduation for each student.

  • In some cases this may also include connecting students with supports through Learning Services or Inclusive Education departments when appropriate

Academic Advising and Course Selection

This is the the main job of our Grad Advisors and it includes: 

  • Monitoring overall student progress
  • Reporting of external credits
  • Changing and withdrawing courses throughout the year
  • Matching course selection with post secondary goals

Grad Planner

GA’s update and maintain the grad planner tool in Encom. This represents a student’s current plan and path to graduation. 

Share Relevant HCOS Community Information

GA’s will communicate general information as it is made available. Throughout the year this may include: 

  • Scholarship information communicated to HCOS
  • Graduation event information
  • Local HCOS community events by region

Student Record Transfers

Ga’s will facilitate the transfer of student records and information to new schools when students leave HCOS. 

  • This includes submitting requests to deactivate student accounts or instructing families on how to move to BCOS to finish courses in progress

HCOS Grad Advisors may also:

Give advice, share ideas, brainstorm options

GA’s may give advice on or suggest potential careers or areas of study that line up with student interests and abilities. This will vary among GA’s as each of them have different life experiences and areas of expertise. 

Discuss Provincial Assessment preparation

GA’s can provide guidance to help plan, register, and prepare for Provincial Assessments 

  • Session registration is completed through the Provincial Assessment Coordinator. 
  • GA’s are not involved in Provincial Assessments beyond discussing recommended sessions for students to write assessments in, alerting students to the registration windows,  and providing resources students can use to prepare for assessments. 

Write Reference Letters

With enough time and information provided, GA’s are willing to write reference letters for scholarships and post secondary applications. 

  • If you GA feels there is another individual better suited to write the reference letter, they may suggest you contact that person for a stronger reference. 

HCOS Grad Advisors do not:

Act on behalf of a course instructor or teacher

GA’s will not respond to or interpret course specific questions or instructions (interpret teacher emails etc). 

  • If you have questions about a specific course, they will direct you to contact the course teacher for more information.

Complete application forms for students

Post Secondary Applications 

  • Grad Advisors will work with families to help students plan for the appropriate course or program prerequisites IF families bring that information to their Grad Advisor. 
  • Grad Advisors do not research post secondary programs or institutions to determine entrance requirements, course prerequisites, application deadlines, etc for students. This is the responsibility of the student/family.

Scholarship Applications

  • Grad Advisors do not research scholarship information and/or apply for scholarships for students. This is the responsibility of the student/family.

Provide regular, daily support for students

GA’s do not monitor student work, activity, or engagement of students in their courses (or with teachers) on a daily basis to report to parents. It is the responsibility of the parent to maintain the ongoing, regular oversight of their student as they work through their grade 10-12 courses. 

  • Students may access the Student Support Centre at any time if they need extra help with specific assignments, planning, or time management.

Set up LS/IE Assessments or Services

This is the responsibility of the LS or IE departments and they will contact you directly once the referral process is completed.