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Canadian Reader and What in the World? Magazines


These magazines (Gr. 3 - 10) are Canadian and the World Current Events Subscriptions.

This Subscription is available to Enrolled, and Flex families.

The Canadian Reader ( Gr. 3 - 5)

The Canadian Reader is a classroom-ready current events resource. This publication combines current Canadian events and issues with geography to expand students’ knowledge of Canada while enhancing their ability to read and understand informational text. 

Published eight times during the school year (Sept to May), each issue focuses on one of six key reading comprehension strategies – making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, and synthesizing/transforming – and includes:

  • three news stories written at a level students can understand;

  • detailed literacy-based lesson plans, including ready-to-use graphic organizers and criteria for assessment;

  • a map assignment featuring a region of Canada highlighted in one of the articles;

  • Did You Know? – a non-fiction comic strip featuring background information related to one of the news stories, accompanied by a lesson plan and supporting material.

What in the World? Level 1 (Gr. 5 - 7) Level 2 (Gr. 8 -10)

What in the World? is a photocopiable current events resource for Canadian students Level 1 (Gr. 5 - 7)) and Level 2 (Gr. 8 - 10). It enhances students' understanding of and interest in current Canadian and international events and issues. This publication addresses numerous curriculum outcomes while saving teachers valuable time.

What in the World? is published eight times a year. Each issue focuses on recent top news stories and includes:

  • Four news articles, written at a level students can understand;

  • Relevant background information to enhance understanding of each event or issue;

  • On-the-line, between-the-line, and beyond-the-line questions;

  • Analyzing a political cartoon assignment;

  • Examining a news photo assignment;

  • Crossword;

  • Quizzes;

  • Map assignment;

  • Answer key.

Logging In 

Log in to the magazine here: You do not need to set up an account to use these magazines.

Select "Please log in to view your subscriptions."

To find the username and password for these magazines, log in to the Search Portal using your Encom username and password. Select the Subs/Passwords tab and select the "Log in" button. Scroll down to the heading for either magazine and use the username and password to enter the Subscription.

You now have access to issues of Canadian Reader Magazine and the two levels of What in the World? magazine.

Using the Subscription

The PDF document contains the complete document and cannot be changed. It has helpful information for parents and answer keys at the bottom of the document. The docx document (This is the same as a Word document.) contains only the articles and questions. Students can complete assignments directly in the docx document. You can save both documents to your computer. 

When printing a copy of the PDF file, please save it to your computer before printing.

The "student resources links" button has many supplementary resources. This tab is seen before you log in to the Subscription.


You can toggle between French and English in the screen's top right-hand corner.



You can access Margaret Basaraba by email at for help with any questions.