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HCOS Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Purpose & Rationale

The HCOS Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of members of the HCOS Community. It is built around the characteristics outlined in the HCOS Learner, Teacher and Staff profiles and our school’s Core Values.


“HCOS Community” or “the Community” refers to staff, teachers, contractors, students and parents enrolled at or working for HCOS

“Abusive behaviour” refers to acts directed towards members of the Community that are deemed threatening, demeaning, disrespectful or contradictory to the core values and characteristics outlined on this page.

Our Commitment to You

All HCOS staff and contractors commit to treating members of the HCOS Community with respect and in alignment with our core values of Relationship, Integrity, Flexibility and Academic Success and the characteristics outlined in our Teacher and Staff profiles. As a school, we are committed to ensuring HCOS is a safe, supportive, and inclusive school.

Members of our staff and contractors who act in a manner that contradicts this commitment may be subject to discipline as outlined in the Student Discipline policy.

Our Expectations of Students

We expect students to treat members of the HCOS Community with respect and in alignment with our core values and the characteristics outlined in the Learner profile. In addition, students must adhere to the policies and guidelines provided through SOPHIE and by teachers. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action based on the severity and frequency of the behaviour as outlined in the  Student Discipline policy

Our Expectations of Parents

We expect parents to treat members of the HCOS Community with respect and in alignment with our core values. HCOS has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to abusive behaviour towards members of the Community and reserves the right to withdraw students from the school if a parent is found to be treating members of the Community with disrespect or counter to our core values.

Our Expectations of All Members


We expect and promote open, honest communication so that all members of the HCOS Community feel safe and valued at HCOS-sponsored events.

All members of the Community are asked to share with an HCOS teacher or staff member about any behaviour that does not align with the expectation laid out in this code of conduct.


Whether online or in-person, students are expected to wear modest clothing and refrain from public displays of affection that are unsuitable for a group learning environment.

The possession or use of any form of weapon is prohibited at any HCOS-sponsored event.


Due to their potentially disruptive nature, personal media devices, such as phones or tablets, are not to be used during HCOS-sponsored events unless approved by the event supervisors for the purpose of the activity or other approved reasons (e.g., medical).

Our Process to Resolve Incidents

Where violations of the code of conduct occur, HCOS leadership will work through the Student Discipline policy with those involved in the incident with the goal of restoring relationships and keeping the safety and security of all members of the Community at the forefront.