HCOS LG Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions

HCOS Learning Groups are committed to offering innovative, Christ-centered educational opportunities for home learners. As part of Heritage Christian Online School, we adhere to our school and societal mission, values, biblical attributes, policies, protocols and procedures.


  1. We expect and promote open, honest communication, so that all students, teachers and families feel safe and valued at all HCOS Learning Group activities.
  2. Participants are asked to share with an HCOS teacher and or Learning Group Supervisor about any behaviour misconduct or bullying they’ve witnessed so that prompt intervention is possible.


  1. Behaviour, tone, and our words are important. Please refer to the Biblical attributes within our learner profile as a guide to what we are working towards, including our expectations of speech and conduct.
  2. Participating students and families are expected to act respectfully and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner to all involved in the HCOS LG setting.


  1. The purpose of Learning Group activities is to support and build community in a welcoming learning environment. Personal media devices should be left at home and not be in use during Learning Group activities unless permission is given by an instructor for the purpose of the activity.

Where violations of the code of conduct take place, the safety and security of students will be the primary concern. While the goal is to re-integrate students where possible, a student may be asked to refrain from further participation until a meeting can be arranged for all parties to work together to address the situation and develop an appropriate action plan as needed.

LG Application Terms and Conditions

The event fee is non-refundable, or on a graduated scale for extended events, because we have made commitments to paying our facility and teachers, bought supplies, etc. as we've planned for the event.

Learning Group (LG) Code of Conduct and Cancellation Policy:

  • I acknowledge that I have read and agree to adhere to the LG Code of Conduct and HCOS Policies and Procedures throughout my/our participation in this event.
  • Reminder to communicate with your teacher and/ or school that you have applied to participate in this LG activity.
  • Fees are based upon school affiliation at time of application and parents are responsible to ensure sufficient funds are available.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure sufficient funds are available. Upon submission of application for this event, Learning Group fees are non-refundable. Alternate arrangements and exchange of monies may be made to  have another student take your child's place, provided adequate notice, approval, space permits.  Please consult with the event coordinator.
  • I authorize the Learning Group coordinator and/or instructor to administer first aid and/ or attend to medical emergencies if required.
  • To best support students that may have challenges in a group setting appropriately, your support teacher may be contacted.
  • Please note: It is very important during the application process to disclose all pertinent information about areas your student may need additional supports. If additional information is later discovered that was withheld during the application process, HCOS may not be able to offer the required supports and your student may be asked to leave the program.
  • Acknowledgement of Risk: HCOS does not require nor endorse students participating in activities with increased levels of risk to fulfill course requirements, nor does the school assume any liability for injury or death while engaged in course activities. Therefore if a student chooses to participate, they acknowledge and understand the nature of the activity and the level of risk involved. Families must ensure that they have appropriate insurance to cover student participation, as HCOS does not provide insurance coverage for students.