Student Learning Plan (SLP)





The Student Learning Plan (SLP) is a very important document. It is the first document that the Ministry looks at when they are checking to see if we are following the government guidelines. Collaborating to write the SLP is usually your first contact with the Support Teacher.

The SLP is made up of the following categories for each subject:

  • Goals - What do you want your child to accomplish or understand? 
  • Big Ideas - The overarching concepts of each subject.
  • Instructional Format and Resources -What activities and resources are you planning to use?
  • Evaluation/Assessment - How will we check to see if your student has grown in their abilities?

Information your Support Teacher will collaborate with you to build:

  • A list of the resources you plan to use during the current school year.
  • A list of the additional activities in which you hope to enrol your child, such as music lessons, swimming, 4-H, etc. (These can be paid with your curriculum budget if they are in your SLP.)
  • A list of topics you plan on covering for Science and Social Studies. For a list of all of the topics that are covered in these two subjects from K-9 please check our SOPHIE page Topics of Study. Often families with more than one child do these subjects together. If you are not planning on covering the topics for your child’s current year, let the teacher know if you have already covered the topic or at what future date you plan to cover it.

Your Teacher:

  • Will work with you to build the SLP, sharing ideas and incorporating your input.
  • Will post the SLP on Encom where you can review it. Be sure to tell your Support Teacher of any changes you would like to make. Or ask them any questions that you might have. 
  • Will make suggestions regarding learning standards, resources, pacing, strategies and assessment

Note: The SLP is a living document. This means that it should be reviewed by both the teacher and the parent throughout the year to ensure that it is current, and still reflects the education that is happening in your home. 

Once the SLP is completed, parents are expected to sign off on it in Encom. This indicates that the parent has participated in planning of the SLP. LINK: How to sign off on SLPs

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