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Additional Expenses for Grade 5-9 Courses

Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Courses

These are the amounts deducted from student curriculum accounts for the following synchronous and asynchronous courses. The true costs for these online courses are subsidized by HCOS in order that student curriculum accounts are minimally impacted.

Course Amount Deducted from PO Funds

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 05-09

  • Design Thinking Through Minecraft
  • Food Studies
  • Leveled Coding in Tynker
  • Skills for Online Success
English 05-09 $75
Languages 05-09 $75
Mathematics 05-09 $75
Science 05-09 $75
Social Studies 05-09 $75
TechLAB 07-09 $225 (3 courses @ $75 each)

Community Connections and Community Connections Plus

Additional costs for Community Connections and Community Connections Plus courses are posted on the application link on the Learning Groups website. For further information, please contact Dawn Denham, Learning Groups Administrative Assistant.

Costs for Additional Online Courses

Taking additional courses beyond a regular course load will incur a cost of $215 per course (e.g., French 07 and Spanish 07 in the same school year).

This is a significantly discounted rate from the regular full course cost of $650 for non-funded students. 

Homeschool Registered Students Taking Online Courses

Homeschooled registered students have a cost of $250 per online course. For registration information, please contact Karen Roeck, Director of Middle School Instruction.