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Grade Promotion and Benchmarks Policy

This policy guides how Flex Academy addresses the Ministry of Education & Child Care curricular competency benchmarks for grades K-9 with regard to grade promotion and retention.

Grade Promotion/Retention

Promotion through the grades is determined through teacher summative and formative assessment together with the consultation of parents or guardians regarding the child’s readiness. If retention is being considered, school leadership is included in the process. For more details, please view the Acceleration and Retention Policy.

Curricular Competency Benchmarks

The Ministry of Education has established grades three, six and nine benchmark years to help students stay on track. Kindergarten through grade three competencies should be completed by the end of grade three. Grades four through six competencies should be completed by the end of grade six. Grades seven through nine competencies should be completed by the end of grade nine.

Our Process

Teachers are responsible for tracking the curricular competencies that each student covers over the course of each school year.

Particular attention is paid to students entering grades three, six, and nine. During the first and second reporting periods, the teacher monitors the progress toward completing the curricular competencies and will adjust the student’s studies as needed to target completion of the competencies by year-end.