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Substance Use Policy

Flex Academy endeavors to see all members of its community as healthy as possible, physically, psychologically and spiritually.  Flex Academy recognizes that the use of certain substances is a detrimental lifestyle choice for students, employees, and visitors. Therefore, students and staff are not permitted to possess or consume any prohibited substances while attending Flex events. This includes but is not limited to substances such as energy drinks, alcohol,  tobacco, vaporizing products, cannabis, and drugs.


  • “Staff” refers to employees and contractors of the school or authorized volunteers

  • “Flex events” include any function, assembly, meeting or gathering of Flex students for school purposes.

  • “energy drinks”  is any beverage that provides an additional energy source containing a high percentage of sugar, caffeine or other stimulants (eg. Red Bull, Rock Star, Monster, etc.)

  • “alcohol” is any beverage containing alcohol, including beer, wine, cider and spirits

  • “drugs” as defined in the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act are “substances, the possession of which is prohibited under the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act, or anything which contains such a drug or substance or any drug or substance designated a restricted drug under the Food and Drug Act unless the person possessing or consuming the restricted drug was authorized under that Act to possess the drug.”

Tobacco & Cannabis Use Prohibition

The school acknowledges its legal obligations to act in accordance with Section 2.2 of the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, as well as regulations forbidding the use of cannabis on school property in British Columbia. Lastly, Flex Academy accepts the responsibility inherent in education of providing positive role models and demonstrating best practices and will promote a healthy learning and working environment.

  1. No person is permitted to smoke, use, or hold any tobacco, cannabis-related or vapour product, at any Flex events, in or on any building or land owned, leased or rented by the school.

  2. No school student is permitted to smoke, use, or hold any tobacco, cannabis or vapour products at any Flex events.

  3. All persons who are not school students will be asked not to smoke or use any tobacco, cannabis-related or vapour products, in the presence of school students at Flex events.


  1. Students engaging in prohibited behaviour will be subject to the stipulations of the student discipline policy.

  2. School employees engaging in prohibited behaviour will be subject to the stipulations of the employment agreement regarding employee code of conduct violations.

  3. All other persons will be asked to cease their use of the substance and leave the school event.


  1. Flex Academy will include education about the harmful effects of substance use at appropriate grade levels in its educational program.

  2. Provide information regarding substance abuse and additional resources for prevention and intervention measures upon request.

  3. Flex Academy will communicate that it is a substance-free institution through its usual communication modes to students, parents, employees, and visitors.