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Course Withdrawal Policy

At Flex Academy we strive to offer flexible course solutions for our students. We recognize that students and parents/families change their minds regarding courses after enrolling, even when a significant amount of the coursework has been completed.

Student Requested Withdrawal

Students can request to be withdrawn from a course by speaking with their teacher or school administration.

If students have completed more than 80 percent of the course as determined by the teacher, students will not be permitted to withdraw. 

Students will be given the opportunity in those cases to either:

  • Complete the remainder of the course, including any requested proctored or final exams, or
  • Take a ‘zero’ for any remaining outstanding assignments or proctored exams, and a final grade will be submitted. 

The BC Ministry of Education’s reporting order states:

W = (Withdrawal) According to the policy of the board, and upon request of the parent of the student or, when appropriate, the student, the principal, vice principal or director of instruction in charge of a school may grant permission to a student to withdraw from a course or subject. 

Please note that if you withdraw from a course, you will be unable to retake the course until the following semester. You can check with your Grad Advisor on the exact timing.

Flex Academy Administration will grant permission in extenuating circumstances (i.e. extreme illness, sudden change in life situation, etc.) for a student to withdraw if they have completed more than 80%.

Teacher or Grad Advisor Requested Withdrawal

Teachers or Grad Advisors may request a withdrawal from a course when:

  • Students communicate directly the request to be withdrawn.
  • Students have been enrolled in the course for a year or more, and no plan to complete is in sight. Communication must be sent to the student as well.
  • Students are not responding to communication about coursework for more than 8 weeks, and an IGR has been sent.

Please note, that the withdrawal policy (not being able to start a course again until the following semester) applies in these situations as well. As such, if a student reaches out afterwards and wishes to complete the remainder of the course, administration will reach out to the teacher to confirm re-opening the student’s course.