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Foundations (K-5) Behaviour Management

Level 1 Behaviours

Classroom Level Discipline

Level 2 Behaviours

Administration Level Discipline

Level 3 Behaviours

Administration Level Discipline


Minor Unkindness to other kids – faces, exclusion, etc.

Physical Horseplay

Minor Disrespect

Minor Defiance

Disrespectful language (teasing, etc)


Irresponsible/Unsafe Choices

Dress Code Violations (see DC policy)

Minor misuse of technology

Late for class after recess/lunch

Repeated Level 1 Behaviours **

Inappropriate Language (swearing, etc)

Threatening Behaviour

Ongoing Defiance

Truancy (absent from class without reason)

Digital Misuse of Technology

** Contact will be made with parents to try to resolve the situation before a student is referred for Level 2 discipline

Repeated Level 2 Behaviours

Violent Act – hitting, shoving

Extreme Threats/Threatening Language

Abuse toward staff and school community

Repeated Truancy Incidents

Level 1 Tools

Level 2 Tools

Level 3 Tools

Connect before you Correct

Non-verbal & Verbal Cues


Re-teach behavior

Move within classroom

Taken-aside Discussion

Removal from Classroom 

Incident Form – sent home at the discretion of the teacher – always sent to Admin 

  • Incident Form, Phone Call/Email Home to Parents, MUST take place before moving onto Level 2

Reflection & Collaboration in making a plan to address/solve the undesirable behaviour between admin, teacher and parents

Meeting (parents, admin, teacher, student) -

Restoration (apologies etc)

Loss of privileges fitting to the circumstance

  • Extracurricular

  • Digital Devices (in class / LC)

  • Field Trips


Meeting (parents, admin, teacher, student)




  • In-school

  • Out-of-school