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Work Resubmission Policy

Flex Academy students can resubmit work. It is at the teacher’s professional discretion whether or not a student may resubmit an assignment or rewrite a test. Below are guidelines only for teachers to use.

  1. Failure due to poor quality of work. Students will not be allowed to resubmit but have the ability to repeat the unit competency has been demonstrated.
  2. Failure due to late submission. Students will not be permitted unless it causes the student to fail the unit.
  3. Low to Medium level plagiarism offence. Students must resubmit an assignment using properly sourced documentation and referencing.
  4. Failure to due health-related reasonings. Students will be allowed to resubmit an assignment. A medical note may be requested.

Each category is treated differently and at the discretion of the course teacher. To resubmit an assignment, the student must request written permission from their teacher via email. If the student is too young to use email, the parent should make the request on their student's behalf. Once granted, students are given only one opportunity to redo an assignment. The re-submission grade will be recorded in place of the original assignment mark.

Any re-submission must be done within 14 days in order for the grading to be changed.