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Student Supervision

Supervision Before and After School and during Breaks
  • At the beginning of the school day, parents and guardians are asked to drop off students between 8:15-8:30am so that students can go directly to their classrooms.
  • Parents and guardians are asked to pick up their students between 3:00-3:15pm
  • Flex Academy has a crossing guard available in the parking lot during morning drop-off.
  • A rotation of teachers and support staff supervise students during all recess and lunchtime breaks.
Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop off and pick up for students in JK to grade 2 happens with parents parking in designated parking stalls and walking their students to the elementary door drop off on the right-hand side of the church building (picture #3 shows as the 'top' side of the building). Parking stalls are assigned yearly and sent to families before the first day of school.

Drop off and pickup for students in grades 3-12 is drive-through in the Flex Academy parking lot. Parents/guardians picking up students in grades 3-12 can either do a drive-through pick-up in the Flex Academy parking lot (picture #1) or park in the church's back parking lot (picture #2).

During the school day, visitors are welcome to park in the middle parking that is between the church and gym buildings.

Parking Lot Flow Flex.jpg 

Risk Management
  • All off-site activities require appropriate supervision so that students can be observed and attended to as needed. Supervisors must follow the CRC requirements.
  • The preference for supervisors is Flex Academy staff members (Teacher, Educational Assistant, Learning Coach, Athletics Coordinator, or Director)
  • Any parent supervisors must have a current volunteer CRC on file with Flex Academy before supervising children.