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Student Discipline Policy

This page provides a standard course of action for students who struggle to meet the expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct. 


behavioural incident” refers to any incident involving a student whose actions do not align with our Code of Conduct or established classroom or event expectations.

“Flex Community” or “the Community” refers to staff, teachers, contractors, students, and parents enrolled at or working for Flex.

Our Process to Resolve Behavioural Incidents

At Flex Academy, we will strive to see students involved in behavioural incidents re-integrated into the Community and to restore relationships that were impacted. Flex staff and leadership will follow the process below to resolve such incidents.





Infrequent occurrences

Staff or teachers will speak with the student and attempt to find a restorative solution for those involved.


Recurring events

Students will be removed from the group to speak with a Flex school leader. The guardians of any student directly involved will be notified.


Ongoing behaviour or disregard for correction

A Flex school leader will meet with all parties involved to create an action plan to re-integrate the student causing the incident.


Violent or potentially dangerous behaviour

The student will immediately be removed from the event and not allowed to participate in any future events until reconciliation and evidence of change are presented. A school leader will assess the occurrence and act accordingly.

While our goal is to restore relationships and the integrity of all involved, Flex Academy reserves the right to permanently expel any student who represents a potential threat to the safety of Flex Community members.

Procedural Fairness 

Flex Academy will apply the following principles of procedural fairness to ensure any actions related to student discipline are communicated clearly to all parties involved and that every opportunity is given to the student to account for their actions.

  1. Students will be treated with respect and dignity and know what is expected of them. 

  2. In accordance with school policy, a student who is accused of breaching a rule will be notified of that of which they are accused, with the essential facts of what they are alleged to have done. In more serious cases, notification should also be given to a student’s parents.]

  3. An accused student will be given an opportunity to tell their side of the story. Where the stakes are minor, this can be satisfied by a director or teacher asking the student to explain their actions. More serious matters require more formal investigation and documentation.

  4. The student or parent may appeal the decision to the Director of Flex Academy. Further appeals may be made to the Academic Head of School and finally the Board of Directors of the School Authority.

  5. There will be an assurance of no retribution for pursuing an appeal or review