Emergency Response Protocol

To help prepare in the event of an emergency, additional emergency preparedness information is published to Learning Group Coordinators accordingly.

While developing a culture of Healthy Risk Management, should an incident occur, refer to the following response procedures to assess and respond accordingly to the nature of the situation.

It is important to adhere to the applicable emergency protocol as outlined and to keep in regular communication with your Learning Group (LG) Administrator, particularly in the event of an emergency. School Administration will also follow-up as needed. 

Violent Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)- Imminent and non Imminent Threat

Lockdown Types and Procedures

General Response applicable to most situations

Protocol outlined according to situation encountered

Code Red and Code Yellow

Other Situations that may be encountered

Emergency Encountered in the General Community

In all of the above scenarios, it is important to complete an accident or incident report should the need arise.