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Lockdown Types

This page provides information on various types of lockdowns and the applicable procedure to adhere to accordingly.

  1. Full Lockdown (Code Red) – This scenario involves a serious threat that requires immediate action.
  2. Internal Threat – This threat exists when the danger is inside of the school or campus. The goal of preventing an internal threat is to keep everyone safe until the threat is completely removed.
  3. External Threat – This type of threat occurs outside of the school building or campus. The goal of preventing an external threat is to prevent the threat from entering the school or campus. 
  4. Hold and Secure or Shelter in Place - This is the title of procedure to follow when a Code Yellow protocol is needed.
    1. Hold and Secure is used when there is a security or safety concern in the community.  
    2. Shelter in Place is the terminology used when an external health hazard has occurred, where building evacuations are not recommended.
  5. Drop, Cover, and Hold- On!  Used in the event of any event that shakes the building.

Lockdown Procedures

Full Lockdown and Hold and Secure signals may vary according to location. All instructors and students should be aware of what the signal is and respond accordingly.


  • Call Flex Director or Assistant Director. Await and follow further direction
  • Do not speak to the media
  • Freeze all outgoing messaging; restrict all student cell phone use (put to silent mode)  to keep communication lines open for all leaders involved.  
  • Flex Directors or Heads of School to review follow up email to parents prior to sending and determine next steps.
  • Follow-up with incident report and action points as determined together with team involved
Student Protocol:
  • Alert a faculty member or staff if you know that someone is simply pulling a prank.
  • Remain quiet, still, calm and alert. Follow all instructions.
  •  If the first to see a threat, call 911 and then put cell phone on silent while Adult in Charge directs further protocols.

Full Lockdown (Code Red)

Definition: Used if an immediate, local physical threat to staff and students
Intruder in the building, active shooter, hostage situation, or riots.

 Flex Director or Teacher in Charge calls 911. Follow VTRA Imminent Threat Protocol.

 Teachers must immediately:

  1. Assemble all students in the vicinity into the closest secure location i.e. classroom, storage room, nearby shelter or building if out-of-doors. 
  2. Close and lock doors and windows, close blinds and turn off the lights. Do not open doors; do not exit rooms or make washroom trips until directed to by Coordinator, Adult in Charge or local authority. 
  3. Flex Directors ensure all exterior doors are locked.
  4. Students need to go to corners of the room away from visible sight and shooting lines (unseen from windows or doors). If a windowless storage room or shelter is available, go in there. For those in the gym, go into the equipment storage room. 
  5. Stay silent and out of view.  All classroom activities cease.
  6. Do not open doors for anyone or allow anyone to leave. Do not open door if fire alarm sounds unless there is physical evidence of fire.  
  7. Classroom teachers take attendance. Call or text Flex Director, Assistant Director or Heads of School. Use methods available such as text, zoom or WhatsApp group as applicable. 
  8. Flex Directors or Heads of School to update pertinent information to adults on-site. 
  9. All Flex staff not in a classroom should be in a secure location.
  10. Two people announce ‘Code Green - all clear” three times when the threat has been resolved. Eg. Flex Director or Head of school, and an authorized identified Police Officer. 
  11. Students are escorted to a parent or guardian for pickup at the end of the school day if the threat persists, but not before a code green is announced.

Code Yellow

Hold and Secure  

Definition: Used if there is a security or safety concern in the neighbourhood.
Examples: Police Incident in the area or wild animal in the vicinity.

Shelter in Place

Definition: External health hazard has occurred, where building evacuations are not recommended.
Examples: Earthquake or local downed powerline.

Follow VTRA Non-Imminent Threat Protocol. Flex Director calls non-emergency RCMP phone line or 911. 

  1. Announce “This is a Code Yellow Lockdown” and repeat 3 times.
  2. All students stay or go into their classroom.
  3. Regular classroom activities continue
  4. Flex Directors ensure all exterior doors are locked.
  5. Supervision at all entrances may be heightened
  6. Classroom teachers close windows and blinds, lock doors, take and submit attendance, also recording any additional persons in the room.
  7. Students can do quiet seatwork, ensuring that all announcements can be heard.
  8. For Portables, do not open doors (no bathroom/water fountain breaks).
  9. Minimal Bathroom/water breaks for all other classes except those where bathrooms attached to the classroom.
  10. Flex Directors or Heads of School to update pertinent information to adults on-site.
  11. Do not leave the building until directed by administrators or police.
    1. Announce ‘Code Green - all clear” three times when threat has been resolved (eg. police and a Flex Director or Head of School).
    2. It is recommended at that time that students be escorted to parent when picked up.

Drop, Cover, and Hold-on!

Definition: Used in the event of any event that shakes the building.
Examples: an earthquake, an explosion

If indoors and table/desks are available:

  1. Drop to the ground
    1. Take Cover underneath a desk or table. Stay away from windows, light fixtures, and suspended objects. Face away from the windows.
    2. Hold-on to something, such as the legs of the table you are under and stay there until the shaking stops.
  2. When the shaking stops, count for 60 seconds. Wait for directed response: Hold and Secure (when external hazards make leaving the building not advisable) or Evacuation.
  3. If evacuated, follow evacuation procedures. Remain outside in the muster area and await further instruction. DO NOT re-enter the building.
  4. Flex Directors in collaboration with Heads of School will determine next steps and will follow-up accordingly.