Electronic Supervision Policy

For the protection of Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS), our staff, our teachers, our parents and our students we have the following safeguards in place:

  • Administration may at any time request to see any and all email correspondence teacher to teacher, teacher to parent, and teacher to student that is sent through our HCOS email server.
  • Administration may also access teacher to student, as well as student to student electronic communication through Moodle.
  • Students participating in Immersive Technologies are monitored “in world” by HCOS teachers regarding their communication. Application can be made to the platform host to access historic communication. Teachers have the ability to restrict or remove chat permissions.
  • Students participating in online forums. All forums are teacher mediated. Text is archived and administration may request transcripts of previous chats.

We do not have access to personal email. Electronic communication that occurs outside of our HCOS servers is not accessible to us and we are unable to monitor those communications.