Anaphylaxis Policy

Anaphylaxis is:  is a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal, resulting in circulatory collapse or shock. The allergy may be related to food, insect stings, medicine, latex, nuts, etc.  The purpose of the policy is to provide an outline for prevention and care for a student with a known anaphylactic response.

Anaphylaxis Policy

Upon student application, if medical alert- life threatening or severe medical condition- is noted, Parent is asked to complete an LG Medical Planning Form. This form is  also located at the bottom of the Documents/forms/links page in SOPHIE under the title "Student Success and Safety". 

For Parent Accompanied Events:  Expectation of Parent to assume parental responsibility, carry the epi-pen and administer if needed. 

For drop off events: 

  • We require a Permission to Administer Medicine form (updated annually)
  • Parent provides Epi- pen onsite
    • Stored appropriately with Teacher/ supervisor access and kept nearby
    • All those in care of the student throughout the day provided with a copy of the Medical Planning Form and aware of the epi-pen’s location
  • Annual CC Coordinator training with local school nurse provided
    • review signs and symptoms
    • common allergens
    • avoidance strategies
    • How to use/administer epinephrine auto- injector  
    • Discussions to raise team and participant awareness
    • Annual refresher required
    • if trained personnel not present at an event and an anaphylaxis medical alert is noted on the application form, parent accompaniment is required
    • Your local school nurse is also a valuable resource and may provide practical training as needed
  • Allergic response is immediately treated with epi-pen, not Benadryl
  • 911 is called
  • Parent to be notified
  • HCOS representative to accompany to hospital awaiting parent arrival
  • HCOS representative to call LG RA and/ or Department Head and complete the Accident Report Form, emailing copy to Coordinator, LG RA and/ or Department Head.   
  • Department Head follows up with family, coordinator to consider future care considerations and Heads of School
  • Student information to be shared with the Support Teacher note within Encom for future reference with note for parents encouraging use of Medic-Alert identification
  • Further notes about this and other medical alerts please refer to the Student Success and Safety portion at the bottom of this page.


Note: The purchase of a CC wide epi-pen is encouraged at all locations, in the event that an anaphylactic response occurs in a student, not previously identified.