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Emergency Response Policies


Enrolled vs. Registered

Information for Families Enrollment

This page provides more information on the differences between enrolling and registering a studen...

Ordering Curriculum

Information for Families Grad Program

In the Grad Program, for every Individualized, Online or Hybrid course, your main point of contac...

Setting up a Student Moodle Account

Information for Families Grad Program

Moodle is a required part of any online or hybrid course. In addition, some individualized teache...

Course Selection Instructions

Information for Families Grad Program

New Students: Once your application has been accepted by your Grad Advisor (GA), you or your par...

Sexual and Reproductive Health Alternative Delivery Policy


Heritage Christian Online School supports parents and guardians to be actively involved with thei...

Special Education

Information for Families Special Education Program

Special Education (SE) Program Our SE Program works with students who receive additional funding...

Purchase Order Numbers or PO#s

Information for Families Enrollment

When you receive a Purchase Order Number (PO#): Once a child is enrolled at HCOS, they will be i...

Courses Required for Grades K-9

Information for Families K-9 Program

The chart below provides important information for the required courses at HCOS for each grade le...

Encom Access & Icon Explanation

Information for Families Encom

Encom is a database in which student records and reports are stored. This can be considered t...

Enrolled Program Overview

Information for Families Enrollment

HCOS will discuss the variety of support services, the responsibilities for families and also mis...


Information for Families General Information

At Heritage Christian Online School we tend to use a lot of acronyms. Here is a chart to let help...

Truth & Reconciliation Week

Information for Families

Online Course Preview - Guest Pass

Information for Families General Information

If your family would like to preview an online course before committing to it as a part of their ...

Grad Program Funding

Information for Families Grad Program

This page should answer questions regarding the funding at the Grad program level. If you have ad...

Administration and Staff Contacts

Information for Families General Information

  This page provides contact information for our school administration and office staff. Admini...

Work Resubmission and Assignment Grading Policy


Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) and BC Online School (BCOS) students are permitted to res...

Tobacco and Vapes Use Policy


Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) endeavors to see one’s physical, psychological, and spiri...

Teacher Education Delivery and Services Evaluation Policy


New teachers will have their Education Delivery & Services evaluated as they near the end of ...

Student Records Requirements and Best Practices Policy


Note: For the purpose of this policy, the lead administrator in Heritage Christian Online School ...

Special Education - Programs, Admission & Delivery Policies


HCOS Response to Intervention (RTI) Model HCOS uses a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework, ...

Student Support

Information for Families

Resources to support students.

Monitoring Progress & Official Reporting

Information for Families Grad Program

Your Student's Schedule Each of our dedicated Course Specialist teachers are there to support yo...