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Moodle Account

Information for Families Grad Program

Moodle is a required part of any online or hybrid course. In addition, some individualized teache...

Foundation Skills Assessment - FSA

Information for Families Assessment

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment of British Columbia stude...

Anaphylaxis Policy


Anaphylaxis is:  is a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal, resulting in circulatory collap...

Student Transportation Policy


Best practice is for parents to provide transportation and/ or to arrange on their own as needed....

Emergency Response Protocol


While developing a culture of Healthy Risk Management, should an incident occur, refer to the fol...

Parent Sign-off for Student Learning Plans (SLPs)

Information for Families Assessment

Directions fo SLP Parent Sign off 1. Log into Encom. If you have forgotten your password, please...

Instructions for Enrolled DL Patrons

Information for Families Enrollment

Using the Search Portal  Here is a 6-1/2 minute Vimeo with Instructions for enrolled DL patrons ...

Where to find the Curriculum and Recreational Program Order Forms and how to fill them out?

Information for Families Curriculum Budget

The first step is to go to the Vendors page on the HCOS website to see if the vendor is on the Ve...

Understanding Your Student Learning Plan (SLP)

Information for Families Assessment

The Student Learning Plan (SLP) is a very important document. It is the first document that the M...

10 FAQs for Back to School

Information for Families General Information

1. How do you lease a computer/tablet/iPad?  Our computer lease program is available. For more...

Ordering Curriculum

Information for Families Grad Program

In the Grad Program, for every Individualized, Online or Hybrid course, your main point of contac...

Student Moodle Access

Information for Families Moodle

Zoom ‘How To’ Basics for Families - Get the Most out of Zoom!

Information for Families Zoom

  Introduction It is helpful and even necessary for some of our programs within HCOS to meet an...

Moodle & Interactive PDF Information

Information for Families 5-9 Online Program

If this is the first time your student is experiencing an online course, or if you are new to tak...

Getting Ready for the Grad Program

Information for Families Grad Program

There are many skills that make the Graduation Program more manageable for our students. These ar...

Transitioning from Grade 9

Information for Families Grad Program

Welcome to the Grad Program! This page is to help you understand some of the ins and outs and ch...

Grad Program Course Planning Worksheet

Information for Families Grad Program

British Columbia Dogwood Graduation Program Planner You are funded in BC until you are 19 years...

Additional Resources & Learning Supports

Information for Families General Information

Subscriptions We have plenty of online subscriptions you can access to in order to find your sub...

Monitoring Progress & Official Reporting

Information for Families Grad Program

Your Student's Schedule Each of our dedicated Course Specialist teachers are there to support yo...

How to Order a Resource for an Online Course

Information for Families 5-9 Online Program