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Setting Up your Brightspace Profile

Information for Families Brightspace

To set up your profile within Brightspace: Log In Once logged in, at the top right, click on your initials Click ‘Profile’ Here you can update: Profile picture Images must be less than 1MB in size Remember that this image will be s...

Message, Subscription and Update Alerts

Information for Families Brightspace

At the top of your Brightspace login you will see five different icons located next to your profile image and name.  There are two icons in addition to the alerts:  The ‘waffle’ is a shortcut to search your courses. It allows you to navigate to...

Navigating the Course Homepage

Information for Families Brightspace

Once logged into Brightspace, to access your course(s) click on one of the tiles located in the My Courses Widget. If you cannot see all your courses, make sure you have selected All.  Once you have entered the course of your choice you will see a navigatio...

Navigating the Landing Page in Brightspace

Information for Families Brightspace

Brightspace is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by HCOS to offer a wide variety of courses including online (asynchronous and synchronous), hybrid, Community Connections + and even some individualized offerings.  While course experiences may be diffe...

Parent and Guardian Access to Brightspace

Information for Families Brightspace

We believe that at home learning requires engaged parents and guardians. Brightspace provides a Parent Portal to access announcements, grades, feedback and upcoming assignments for each of course their students are enrolled in.  See more about what is availab...