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Online Course Preview - Guest Pass

Information for Families General Information

If your family would like to preview an online course before committing to it as a part of their ...

Understanding Your Student Learning Plan (SLP)

Information for Families Assessment

At HCOS, it is our goal to develop learning plans for our students that are specific to each stud...

External Credits Policy


This policy describes how students earn credit towards graduation through external credentials ap...

Education Resource Policy


This policy sets out the procedures that determine how learning resources are chosen, as well as ...

Safety for at Home Learners

Information for Families General Information

Fire, Earthquake, Lockdown and other emergencies can happen at any time or place. Just because ...

Anaphylaxis Policy


Anaphylaxis is:  is a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal, resulting in circulatory collap...

Student Transportation Policy


Best practice is for parents to provide transportation and/ or to arrange on their own as needed....

Instructions for Enrolled DL Patrons

Information for Families Enrollment

Where to find the Curriculum and Recreational Program Order Forms and how to fill them out?

Information for Families Curriculum Budget

The first step is to go to the Vendors page on the HCOS website to see if the vendor is on the Ve...

Foundation Skills Assessment - FSA

Information for Families Assessment

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment of British Columbia stude...


Information for Families General Information

At Heritage Christian Online School we tend to use a lot of acronyms. Here is a chart to let help...

10 FAQs for Back to School

Information for Families General Information

1. How do you lease a computer/tablet/iPad?  Our computer lease program is available. For more...

Sexual and Reproductive Health Alternative Delivery Policy


Heritage Christian Online School supports parents and guardians to be actively involved with thei...

Special Education

Information for Families Special Education Program

Special Education (SE) Program Our SE Program works with students who receive additional funding...

Purchase Order Numbers or PO#s

Information for Families Enrollment

When you receive a Purchase Order Number (PO#): Once a child is enrolled at HCOS, they will be i...

Courses Required for Grades K-9

Information for Families K-9 Program

The chart below provides important information for the required courses at HCOS for each grade le...

Encom Access & Icon Explanation

Information for Families Encom

Encom is a database in which student records and reports are stored. This can be considered t...

Enrolled Program Overview

Information for Families Enrollment

HCOS will discuss the variety of support services, the responsibilities for families and also mis...

Enrolled vs. Registered

Information for Families Enrollment

This page provides more information on the differences between enrolling and registering a studen...

Student Discipline


This page provides information on student behaviour expectations, and a standard course of action...