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Tuition Information

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Number of Learners (K-12) Annual Tuition Per Learner Total Annual Family Tuition Average Annual Tuition Per Learner 12 Month Payment Amount
First Learner $5,070 $5,070 $5,070 $422.50
Second Learner (40% Discount) $3,042 $8,112 $4,046 $676.00
Third Learner (76% discount) $1,217 $9,329 $3,110 $777.42
Fourth Learner (86% discount) $730 $10,059 $2,515 $838.25
Fifth+ Learner (100% discount) $0 $10,059 $2,012 $838.25

Charitable Tax Receipt Information

Payee(s) are issued a charitable tax receipt in February for the portion of tuition paid that pertains to religious instruction (please note, any payments for which a charitable tax receipt has been issued are non-refundable). The receipt amount varies from year to year and is calculated in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. In recent years, on average, Heritage Christian School families have benefited by receiving a charitable tax receipt equivalent to approximately 60% of total tuition. This benefit may be used to reduce the amount of personal income tax paid and, consequently, reduce the total cost of tuition.

A family with two children would pay $7,124 annual tuition, or $712.40 per month (over ten months), and receive a charitable tax receipt of approximately $4,274.

Based on 2020 tax rates, the charitable tax receipt would generate non-refundable federal and provincial tax credits of approximately $2,057. Therefore, the annual net-after-tax cost of tuition would be $5,067 ($7,124 – $2,057) or $507 per month, $205 less than the posted monthly tuition rate.

Tuition Assistance

Families seeking financial assistance can complete this assistance application available online after March 19, 2021. Regular tuition will be charged until the application is submitted and approved. Assistance is based solely on your family’s income and allocated funds for this program are limited.

CRA Requirement - Families receiving a Tuition Assistance Bursary will be issued a T4A in the youngest student’s name.

Families wishing to discuss tuition assistance can email our Office Manager J’aimee Graston.