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Course Options

HCOS offers the flexibility to design a unique High School experience with a variety of different learning options. All courses provide credit towards the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Online Courses

HCOS’ online course catalogue provides engaging online learning and all the resources needed to cover course content, curricular competencies and help students to grow in the core competencies. All courses are supported by a passionate subject specialist.

We offer flexible pacing through two options:

  1. Asynchronous: work at your own pace to complete the course within twelve months from activation date.
  2. Synchronous cohorts: work at the same pace as your peers, meeting regularly on Zoom with your online teacher.

Hybrid Courses

Do you have a favorite curriculum you like to use but are not sure if it meets the ministry outcomes? HCOS offers hybrid courses, where you choose your curriculum from a list of popular options. Our teachers will guide you through completing the course competencies by using your chosen curriculum and additional supplementary material as needed. Hybrid courses can be completed at any pace over twelve months with the support of a subject specialist teacher and are hosted through our learning management system, Moodle.

Individualized Courses

HCOS is known for its flexibility and willingness to personalize student learning through individualized courses.

Individualized courses are offered at any pace, with up to one year to complete the course. You and your family will work alongside a subject specialist to create a Student Learning Plan (SLP) where you can help design a course that is suited to your strengths and interests while covering the course content, curricular and core competencies.