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Flex Academy Education FAQ

This page contains frequently asked questions & answers regarding Hybrid Education. We will continually update this FAQ page with new questions and answers as we receive them. 

What is HCOS?

Heritage Christian Online School is the sister school of Heritage Christian School. Previous to 2023, HCS and HCOS were two separate arms of Kelowna Christian Center Society. HCOS is the largest K-12 school in Western Canada and has been providing online learning for students in BC for the past 18 years. They have some offices here at our Badke location in Kelowna and also have staff that work at locations throughout the province. In addition to providing online courses for students, they also run over 20 face-to-face campuses which provide one day per week classroom instruction for online students. With over 7000 students and 200 teachers in Kindergarten to Grade 12, HCOS is a vibrant school that has proven its ability to uphold its mission: To develop innovative Christ-centered educational opportunities for learners to explore and embrace God’s unique purpose. 

What is hybrid pedagogy? 

A school using hybrid pedagogy combines online instruction with onsite, face-to-face interaction in a way that supports personalized, inquiry-based learning for students. Students are still learning from their onsite certified teachers in a school setting with digital tools being used to support and expand student learning opportunities. This approach allows teachers to focus on relationships with students, and encourages students to envision and pursue their interests, linking academics to careers, jobs, internships, sports, arts - or whatever captivates each student:

How would this look for the early years of a child’s education? 

For K-Grade 5, students experience a predominantly teacher-led, learner-focused program. Classroom learning would be facilitated by teachers who would have close relationships with their students.  Personalized inquiry-based learning allows students to focus on passion areas and be supported in foundational academics while growing their independence as learners. 

How would this look in the middle years of a student’s education? 

Beginning in grade 6, students will use increasing amounts of digital curriculum tools to create the chance for teachers to focus on inquiry and experience-based learning. Experiments, collaborative problem-solving, and exploration of the world around them and who they are, form the core of the student experience. Mentor teachers support students at every step and their relationship with caring adults and a caring community of peers remains our focus.

How would this look in high school? 

Freedom! Mentor teachers work with students to design a high school program that celebrates their passions and gifts and ensures they’re ready for whatever they pursue post-graduation. Programming and curriculum are made as flexible as possible to allow students to pursue their passions.

I’m concerned that using digital tools means lots of screen time? 

The emergency remote learning that schools underwent during the pandemic meant a lot of “Room and Zoom” - teachers engaging with some students while others watched from home. This, by and large, has not been successful for students or for teachers. In the Flex model built with intention and students at the center, the best tools are used to accomplish the purpose;  technology is not the “only” tool. Relationships remain the primary concern of teachers at Flex Academy and the intentional and measured use of technology actually frees up teacher time to focus on student care. Student needs and progress are carefully monitored, digital skills and effective use of technology are taught, and well-being is a priority.  

What would I need to do from home to support my child in this model? 

Family support depends on the child - their age, their learning goals, and their educational program. Ultimately, every family is different and every student is different. Flex Academy aims to support both students and their families in the shared journey of education. We look forward to partnering with your family in education!