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Grammarly for Students

In order to support our students' ongoing development as writers, HCOS is making Grammarly available to all students. To sign-up please use the Universal Supports form. Grammarly provides numerous benefits to support students as they develop their writing skills. 

Immediate Feedback Improves Writing

Suggestions and corrections in real-time, while students are engaged in the assignment, takes advantage of teachable moments. 

Increasing Confidence and Enjoyment of Writing  

As students learn the patterns and corrections they most commonly experience, they can adapt grow more confident in their writing. 

Transparent and Accurate Practices  

Citation assistance will help students develop best practice approaches when using external resources for assignments.

Important Note
Grammarly is recommended for students in Grade 5 and up. Please speak with your teacher about whether or not Grammarly is a fit for your children prior to signing up.

Sign-Up and Questions

Grammarly is available to all HCOS students. Parents can sign up using the Universal Supports form. Please consult with your teacher if you wonder if this might be a good tool for your student. Any technical questions related to Grammarly can be directed to

Grammarly requires a school provided Google account to access it. Google accounts provided by the school are exempt from Google's ads and tracking policies. More information is available on the form prior to submitting.

Tutorial Videos from Grammarly