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Grammarly for Students

In order to support our students' ongoing development as writers,  HCOS hasis accessedmaking theGrammarly Educationavailable versionto ofall Grammarly.students. AllTo students can sign sign-up usingplease use the Universal Supports form

Thisform. paidGrammarly versionprovides has a number ofnumerous benefits notto availablesupport instudents theas freethey version.develop Featurestheir andwriting highlights can be fully explored on the Grammarly site, and below are some of the benefits that we are excited about for our students.skills. 

Immediate Feedback Improves Writing

Suggestions and corrections in real-time, while students are engaged in the assignment, takes advantage of a teachable moment. Our hope is that student will select "learn more" as Grammarly suggestions are made and that this timely reflection and intervention will support the learning and practice of good writing. Having reduced typos and grammar errors to correct also frees up parents and teachers to spend their time with students on higher-level thinking skills.moments. 

Increasing Confidence and Enjoyment of Writing  

WeAs anticipatestudents thatlearn notthe havingpatterns toand whollycorrections dependthey onmost acommonly parent,experience, EAthey orcan teacher to proof-read student work willadapt grow feelingsmore of autonomy and independenceconfident in our older students. Having minor correction come from a program rather than a person is often easier to receive. This becomes specifically impactful at an age when students are sensitive to rejection and correction can become a barrier to relationship. 

Supportive Tools Level the Playing Field

HCOS supports a significant number of reluctant writers, as well as those with dyslexia, anxiety or other challenges. Knowing embarrassing mistakes are less likely, we all experience less of the stress and anxiety associated withtheir writing. 

Transparent and Accurate Practices  

ToolsCitation thatassistance will help with citation and plagiarism are intended to support transparent and accurate practices. Today, students candevelop verybest quicklypractice cutapproaches andwhen pasteusing aexternal sentenceresources orfor paragraph and forget where they found it on the internet. These tools help them identify sentences where they may need to either cite a source or put the thought in their own words. assignments.

Sign-Up and Questions

Grammarly is available to all HCOS students,students. as a universal support.  In this instance, universal means it is accessible without barrier or cost.

StudentsParents can be signedsign up using the Universal Supports form. Please consult with your teacher if you wonder if this might be a good tool for your student. Any technical questions related to Grammarly can be directed to

Grammarly is also available to teachers and

Tutorial Videos from Grammarly