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thetoa provides
  1. Asynchronous:
Courseoffers Type Teacherflexibility Type Deliverydesign Style
unique High School experience with a variety of different learning options. All courses provide credit towards the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Online Courses

Adult Online

Adult students enrolled in Grades 10-12 courses



Flex on-site teachers usingHCOS’ online course materials


Brightspace content with in-persononline learning labsand all the resources needed to cover course content, curricular competencies and students to grow in the core competencies. All courses are supported by a passionate subject specialist and are hosted in our learning management system, Brightspace.

This type(Moodle is specificstill there for the next year 2023 for students who are finishing old courses; otherwise, we have transitioned to Flex.Brightspace). 


Sometimes used as a placeholder for wait pools or shared master lists.
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HCOS Gradesoffers 10-12two Courseflexible Specificpacing Teachersoptions:

work at your own pace to complete the course within twelve months from activation date.
  • Synchronous cohorts: work at the same pace as your peers, meeting regularly on Zoom with your online teacher.
  • Hybrid Courses

    CommonHCOS textbookoffers resources,hybrid orcourses, programswhere thatfamilies usechoose significantthe programmingcurriculum outsidefrom a list of popular options. Our teachers will guide students through completing the course materialscompetencies (ieby danceusing orthe pianochosen lessons).curriculum Coursesand additional supplementary material as needed. Hybrid courses can be completed at any pace over twelve months with the support of a subject specialist teacher and are housedhosted inthrough Brightspaceour withlearning placesmanagement system, Brightspace.

    (Moodle is still there for the next year 2023 for students who are finishing old courses; otherwise, we have transitioned to Brightspace). 

    Individualized Courses

    HCOS is known for its flexibility and willingness to personalize student submissions.learning through individualized courses.


    IE Case Managers

    Individualized courses createdare basedoffered onat any pace, with up to one year to complete the course. The student and the family will work alongside a student'ssubject IEPspecialist goals.



    K-9 Support teachers 

    Personalized courses that are developed withcreate a Student Learning Plan (SLP)


    can help design a course that is suited to the students strengths and interests while covering the course content, curricular and core competencies.  Individualized

    Grades 10-12 Course Specific Teachers

    Personalized courses thatrely heavily on students being self disciplined and responsible to complete work independently, as outlined in the SLP. The teachers are developedavailable to suggest resources, identify expected work samples, give feedback and assess student performance. Regular, ongoing communication with athe Studentteacher Learningis Planexpected (SLP)to allow for meaningful support of student learning.


    HCOS Online teachers 

    Grade 5-12

    Online courses

    Online Synchronous

    HCOS Online teachers 

    Grades 5-12

    Online courses with weekly synchronous zoom meetings


    Flex or CC+ on-site teachers with in-person course 

    In-person developed and delivered