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International Student Policy

Flex Academy teaches everything fromis a BiblicalChristian Studentsand requireall curriculum includes a commitmentbiblical to Christian Education.worldview. This means that parents and students must embrace the values and lifestyle of a Christian approach to life as they will be in an environment that practices a Christian way of life. The administration, teachers and school families all have a strong Christian Faith. Students should also be comfortable in a completely English environment for their education. This means they need a fairly advanced level of English training before they comeapplying to Heritage.Flex Every student is valued for their unique place in God’s creation no matter what culture or nationality they come from.Academy. Students who successfully complete a Grade 12 level Christian Studies Coursecourse will receive the Flex Academy Graduation Certificate.


All International students must complete the Admissions process in order for Flex Academy to administer a Letter of Acceptance. The Admissions process would include the following:

-       A completed Applicationapplication Formform

-       A one-time, non-refundable Application Fee of $500.00

-       A copy of their Passport, if availablepassport

-       A current picture

-       A transcript for the last 2two years of education

-       A Pastor’pastor’s Referencereference (if they are a Christian and attend church)

-       A Studentstudent Letterletter stating ‘why’ they are wanting to attend FAFlex Academy

-       A Skypezoom Interviewinterview

Invoice and Letter of Acceptance

Once this paperwork has been submitted and the student is approved, an invoice will be submitted to the family.  When this invoice has been paid, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued by courier.


Students will be placed in Christian homes where families have been thoroughly screened and gone through a home interview. The family placement should meet the student's request of the student (to the best of our ability). All families will have hadcompleted a Criminal Record Check done and submitted to FA.Flex Academy.  For Homestay Guidelines, we refer to the BC K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education 20182018, taking into consideration that there will be no situation that will be allowed to elevate to the degree where the student would feel that they are in need to contact the BC Children’s Helpline for any reason. All concerns wouldwill be dealt with immediately.


Students who attend FAFlex Academy and are under the age of majority will be assigned a custodian during their stay.  Currently, theThe International Student Program Coordinator is the custodian for all the International students unless other arrangements have been made.  The custodian will undertake responsibility for the students during their stay as agreed upon with the student’stheir parents. All custodianship paperwork is tomust be authorized by a Notary Public both here in Kelowna and in the country of residence. 


All Visas are the responsibility of the student.  If an extension is needed, FAFlex Academy will go through a similar Admission’sadmission process in order to issue the student a Letterletter of Acceptance.acceptance. The International Student Program Coordinator can assist in this process.


It is best, but not mandatory, that any English Language Learner (whose native language is not English) have a Level 4 English equivalency to enter high school. This is based on the ICOS (International Christian Online School)online English testing. Once the student has entered Canada and is attending FA,Flex itAcademy, they may be mandatoryrequired that theyto continue with their ICOS online English training.  This may or may not be teacher teacher-assisted.


All tutoring is at the student’s cost and is in addition to their full-time program.


FAFlex Academy is willing to work with Agents. The amount of Commission payable by FAFlex Academy to the AGENTAgent with respect to each Registered Student shall be at a prescribed percentage of the tuition registered and fully received. The amount of Commission payable by FAFlex Academy to the AGENTAgent for a Re-registered Student for a consecutive year shall be 0% of the tuition registered and fully received.  A Commission is earned,earned by the AGENT,agent only when Flex Academy receives the Fullfull Tuition is received by FA.tuition. Please refer to the Agent Agreement.


Please see our website and contact our International Coordinator for more information on finances and/or refund policies.

Health Care

It is mandatory that all International students have medical insurance while attending FA.Flex Academy.  They may choose either BC Medical or Guard. Me Insurance for International students.Students. 

School Representative

A Schoolschool Representativerepresentative will act on behalf of FAFlex Academy when interacting with and assisting Internationalinternational Students.students.  This person is the International Student Program Coordinator.


All Internationalinternational students must adhere to FA’Flex Academy’s policies; otherwiseotherwise, disciplinary action may be taken.