LG Emergency Response Protocol

While developing a culture of Healthy Risk Management, should an incident occur, refer to the following response
procedures to assess and respond accordingly. 

Sample Threat Assessment Protocol (SD35) flowchart page 12

  • Assess situation

Violent Risk Assessment regarding an individual:

  1. Weapon or serious/ plausible threat? If yes, this is an imminent threat.
  2. Threats, threat related, or worrisome behaviour (speech, action, assignments, etc)? Not an imminent threat, please contact your LG RA.
  3. If immediate and/ or imminent verbal threat and/ or suspected danger to self or others
    1. Call 911.
    2. Call Academic Head of School (778-554-5515)  as soon as possible to alert them of
      the scenario

Imminent Threat Protocol

  1. 911 and then HoS
    1. HoS phone numbers
      1. Sara Kraushar: 1-778-554-5515
      2. Craig Kwiatkowski: 1-250-859-2202
  2. LG Admin
    1. LG Director phone number: 250-571-2594
    2. LG RA phone number: __________________
  3.  Ensure all physically present are safe and calm
  4. Adhere to Police and HoS direction
  5. Return to class or dismiss students to parent/ guardian when all clear
  6. Send draft parent email notification to HoS and Director of LG for review/ approval
  7. Send parent email notification
  8. Follow-up as per Student at Risk Team: HoS, LG Director, Coordinator, Individualized/SE teacher, support person if
    applicable, etc.
  9. Continue developing culture of Healthy Risk Management


  • do not speak to the media
  • freeze all outgoing messaging
  • put all cell phones to “silent mode”
  • await further direction
  • Director or LG/ Heads of School to review follow up email to parents prior to sending and determine next steps.
2. A) If threat exists nearby, within the vicinity i.e. in the community:
  1. Contact your local police liaison for further information/ advisement.
    1. school liaison Name _______________ Ph# _____________
    2. local non-emergency as secondary Ph# ________________
  2.  Likely a hold and secure response is in order.

Hold and Secure (code yellow)

  1. Keep your teachers informed of the developments to help keep everyone calm.
  2. During and/ or Following, contact your LG RA and/ or Director of Learning Groups to discuss and determine course of action.
  3. At the end of the day, escort students to respective parent/ guardian
  4. Together Admin, with Heads of School, will determine next steps i.e. initiation of Student at Risk Team, if further investigation is warranted from other authoritative bodies, if/ when safe to resume classes, follow-up and debriefing i.e. email communication to parents and students and re-entry considerations for all involved.
  5. Follow-up email to parents- drafted in conjunction with LG RA and approved by HoS prior to
2. B) For all other scenarios , i.e. verbal, written, and/ or behavioural concerns indicating potential harm to self or others please discuss with your LG RA to help assess and determine next steps.

Please keep in regular communication with your CC admin, particularly in the event of an emergency.

Lockdown Procedures/ Drills

Student and teacher preparedness in case of an emergency. Reminder to:

  1. Front load information to all involved prior to a drill to help prepare and keep everyone calm.
  2. Restrict all student cell phone use to keep communication lines clear between you, teachers, admin/ directors as
    necessary. Important for students to not to utilize their cell phones for calls or for text messaging, and to put their personal phones to “silent mode” during a lockdown drill or situation.

Drill Type and Frequency:

  • Fire Drill- minimum of 3x/ year (once per term)
  • Earthquake Drill: minimum of once or twice per term
  • Safe and Secure: once per year
  • Lockdown: once per year

 Hold and Secure (Code Yellow) Drills

  1. Announce “This is a Code Yellow Lockdown” and repeat 3 times..
  2. All students stay or go into their classroom.
  3. Regular classroom activity continues
  4. Coordinator ensures all exterior doors are locked.
  5. Supervision at all entrances may be heightened
  6. Classroom teachers close windows and blinds, lock the door, take and submit attendance, also recording any additional persons in the room.
  7. Students can do quiet seatwork, ensuring that all announcements can be heard. Do not open doors (no bathroom/water fountain breaks).
  8. Students are escorted to parent for pickup at days’ end if area threat still present
  9. Announce ‘Code Green - all clear” three times when threat has been resolved.

Full Lock Down

Full lockdown is signified by five short bells in succession. Teachers must immediately:

  1. Assemble students into classrooms
  2. Close and lock doors and windows and turn off lights
  3. Have students sit in desks quietly
  4. Take attendance. Call the office to report all present or in the case of a missing child.
  5. Wait for further instructions or information by intercom.
  6. Do not exit classrooms or make washrooms trips until directed to by principal or acting principal.

The CC Leader will come around personally to debrief each classroom when dismissed from full lockdowns.

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