Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education (IE) Program

Our IE Program works with students who receive additional funding to help build specialized programs that aid in their success as learners. Our diverse and robust program is made up of British Columbia certified teachers who specialize in IE education, Education Assistants (EAs) who work directly with students in home, an experienced office support team, and a wide variety of community-based support services throughout the province. If you would like more information on our IE Program, please visit the IE Program page.

Learning Services (LS) Program

We also offer an LS Program for students who are not designated IE students but would benefit from specialized planning and, where possible, some additional support. Some students may have learning challenges that are outside of IE designations; these include but are not limited to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, speech difficulties, giftedness, and written output delays. If you suspect your child would benefit from extra help and are seeking advice with regard to their learning, please contact your support teacher with your concerns. The support teacher will then contact our LS Team to discuss how best to offer support. For more information on our LS Program, please see this page: LS Program.

Individual Education Plan

Students in our IE Division and some LS supported students will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that outlines specifically how their education program will be adapted to help them succeed. Teachers work closely with parents and other support team members to write the IEP.

Education Assistants

The Education Assistant provides the following services, as requested by Flex Academy:


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