Unit Study Kits

Unit studies are a perfect way to facilitate your student’s learning as they immerse themselves in a wide variety of resources, subscriptions and activities, all of which have been carefully vetted and created by our unit study developer and teacher, Rachael Rennie, and the Learning Commons team of library staff.  They are suitable for all ages from Kindergarten through Grade 9.  

Unit Study Kits offer families a unique way to study and learn with mixed ages or grades. They cover science, social studies, humanities, and many even have a STEAM and Project-Based Learning component built in.  All of our kits offer a distinctly Biblical worldview.

To view all the information you need to know about Unit Study Kits, please visit our website

Watch this video to hear Rachael Rennie (Unit Study Developer) share the purpose and lay of the land with the kits.

Watch this video to hear Rachael Rennie share on how to use the scope and sequence of the unit study kits.

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