Understanding Anxiety Amidst COVID-19 Webinar

Recorded April 2, 2020

A big thank you to Julie Bohni (Registered Clinical Counsellor) for sharing about how we are wired, and strategies to deal with anxiety in these tumultuous times.  

Description of session: To say these are unprecedented times seems like an understatement. Never before has our world socially distanced in an attempt to shrink the spread and impact of a virus. But here we are…all encouraged to stay home…and feel uncertain? Anxiety is a normal response to uncertainty, but what do we do with our worry and ruminating negative thoughts? Join Julie Bohni, a registered clinical counsellor, to understand our brain’s response to stress and anxiety. As well, gain practical insight and tools (for ourselves and teaching/parenting) to gain awareness and develop strategies to cope with anxiety during this COVID-19 time.

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