Tuition Process Tutorial

To access the tuition portal, log in to Encom and click the Tuition link shown in the image below. We have provided a step by step walkthrough for your first student once you are in the portal.  You can also view the video below for a brief tutorial.

Important Notes

Because the process has changed from how it was handled last year we wanted to provide a couple quick notes:

  1. The bursary application has been integrated into the process as a payment method rather than a separate form and application.  Keep an eye out for it in Step 2.
  2. If you have Grad Program students, tuition is based on courses selected, so you will be asked to estimate how many courses your student will be taking.  If you are unsure, choose the lower option of what you think you may select. Your Grad Advisor will be able to add courses and our team will work with you to adjust the tuition once the picture is more clear.
  3. Some combinations of tuition options or payments are not able to be processed simultaneously. Splitting your students up across multiple entries will not impact the count of K-9 students.  Encom is able to track that behind the scenes and only the first three K-9 students in your family will be charged tuition.
  4. Upon proof of payment your child’s curriculum funds will be made available for use with your PO# in Encom. Choosing the 10 month payment option will result in the remaining resource amounts above $350 becoming available after the first payment is processed at the end of September.
  5. We’ve worked to make this process as simple as we can but the reality is that there is a lot to process and select. For that reason we would strongly recommend using a computer not a phone to complete the process.

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