Synchronous Cohorts


The development of our online courses has been a gift to many students. They offer flexibility in timing, scheduling and location. There is a portion of our student population who may struggle with self-discipline, or parents may not be able to provide the supervision needed to help them to find success. Some students just want social connections, while other prefer to have a teacher to touch base with every week. These students benefit from a synchronous option.


Synchronous Cohorts provide regular touch points where students would meet with their teacher(s) and fellow students. Regularly scheduled times allow students to connect with teachers to receive instruction, clarify assignments, and ask questions on a weekly basis. Synchronous Cohorts allow students the opportunity to connect with their teachers and other students. Students desire to be known. Synchronous Cohorts provide that context and also increase the level of accountability for both students and teachers. Teachers have fewer individual interactions for the purpose of answering questions and clarifying assignments.

How Synchronous Cohorts Function

  • Students work through the standard online course together with the teacher.
  • The teacher and students meet via Zoom at a scheduled time every week.
  • Weekly meetings create a rhythm and maintain a high level of contact. If a student misses a week, then it’s only two weeks later that contact is re-established. If meetings were monthly, then one missed meeting results in two months between contacts.
  • Zoom classes are be 20-30 minutes in length.
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