Student Supports at HCOS

Families at HCOS have many opportunities and freedoms when shaping their learning environment to best fit their child's needs.

They can build learning around the movement a child needs, the best time of day to learn, the topics that interest and motivate them, and projects that showcase their strengths and abilities. Parents can arrange a learning space where their child is comfortable and has the quiet or stimulation they require.

Additionally, where needed, families can work with their teacher to set their child up for success by planning for additional time for an assignment or assessment, or agreeing on an alternative way to access information (e.g. through an audio book or video rather than text) or to show their learning (e.g. a presentation rather than an essay). Your teacher may also suggest curriculum options that would better fit your child or family. If a family wishes to communicate more of their learning needs to their teacher or Grad Advisor (GA), they can complete the Learning Support Request Form

Students at HCOS also have access to a wide array of in-house supports, with little to no cost or barriers, through the Learning Commons or Learning Groups as well as through teachers and GAs. 

In-house support options include: 
Learning Services Support

Additionally, your student's teacher or GA has access to a team of supportive Learning Services Consultants (LSCs) who provide specialized advice and insight on student needs. 

It typically takes up to a year for students to work through the applicable in-house supports HCOS offers. If your child continues to struggle after their teacher has had time to assess needs and the impact of our in-house supports, your child can be considered for additional professional supports or assessments in their subsequent years with HCOS.

We always keep in mind that your primary student supports are an individually-shaped home-learning environment and a strong partnership between invested, well-equipped parents and teachers.







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