Provincial Assessments - Literacy and Numeracy

What is a Provincial Assessment?

There are three provincial assessments that Grad program students need to take.

Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment 

The Graduation Numeracy Assessment (GNA) is a provincial assessment written in Grade 10. It is a graduation requirement. The GNA is based on mathematical concepts learned across multiple subjects from kindergarten to Grade 10, with an emphasis on K–9. It requires students to solve problems by using the five numeracy processes (different ways of thinking and working): interpret, apply, solve, analyze and communicate.

HCOS has written a free resource for grad program students to access to help prepare for the Numeracy 10 assessment. To access the resource, click on this link: Students can self-enrol in this online module, and simply need to contact their GA for the enrolment key to complete the enrolment steps.


Ministry Resources for Numeracy 10 Assessment

Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment

The Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment (GLA 10) assesses students' ability to use critical thinking and analysis to make meaning from a diverse array of texts. It also assesses the ability of students to communicate their ideas. GLA 10 is not based on a particular course but on learning across multiple subjects, from kindergarten to Grade 10.

Ministry Resources for Literacy 10 Assessment

Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment

The Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment (GLA 12) is currently under development by the ministry and more information will be provided as released.

Ministry Resources for Literacy 12 Assessment 

Who needs to take a Provincial Assessment?

Students Graduating with a Dogwood Diploma Adult Students Graduating with the Adult Dogwood Diploma

Students must complete:

  • Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment
  • Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment
  • Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment

Students graduating with an Adult Dogwood are not required to complete any of the provincial assessments.

They can however, choose to complete an assessment.


Students on a School Completion path are not required to write any provincial assessments in the Grad program. 

Why do students need to take a Provincial Assessment? 

The three provincial assessments are a required part of the graduation program in BC. Students who wish to graduate with a BC Dogwood Diploma must write the provincial assessments. Students who are not yet declared Adult Graduation Program students (AGP) are also required to take the assessments. Once declared, the assessments are no longer required to earn an AGP however, they may be required by post-secondary institutions.  Students should verify the admission requirements for any post-secondary institution they plan on applying to.

For more information, or if you have any further questions, please contact your Grad Advisor. 

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