Portfolios K-9

This page provides information about ongoing student portfolios.

Ongoing Portfolios:

We are strongly encouraging families to send in samples of student work throughout the school year rather than saving things up for large portfolios. The benefits are that teachers can give ongoing feedback throughout the year rather than only at portfolio times, and that less preparation needs to happen during those portfolio times. A simple guideline would be to have families send their basic update report every week, including one sample that could match this schedule: 

Week one: basic update plus one Writing sample.
Week two: basic update plus one Science sample.
Week three: basic update plus one Social Studies sample
Week four: basic update plus a Math sample or quiz.

The next month this would repeat.  

There is greater impact in receiving ongoing student work samples from CORE subjects as it better enables you to provide more immediate formative assessment and feedback in key subject areas. Non-core subjects can still be included in the basic update while physical samples could be held until term home visits.

A further bonus is that over the three months of a term, you will have received three samples from each of the four core subject areas, as well as a tidbits of information on all of the other subject areas.

Without the need to review a mound of information, term home visits can now focus on looking at any missing pieces, as well as seeing student projects and celebrating their successes and interests. 

Ways to Meet Portfolio Requirements:

  • You can mail, text photos, or scan and email samples of your child’s work to the support teacher.
  • You can start a blog, Facebook album, dropbox file, or other media resource for posting your child’s work.
  • Arrange for the teacher to come for a home visit. This is the favourite way for teachers to collect portfolio information, but is not always available to all families.

What NOT to Include in a Portfolio:

  • Please do not send in books in which your child is currently working. Copy some samples or just remove completed pages for samples.
  • Please do not send the teacher large bulky samples of craft projects. A picture will do in this case.
  • Please do not send in original certificates (copies only) as it is too easy for them to get lost or damaged.


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