Learning a Second Language

This page outlines the options available for students who are interested in learning a second language.

Online Courses 

​These courses begins at Grade 5 and continues through Grade 12 using Rosetta Stone. A student coming into Grade 10 with no background in learning a second language would not be ready for the course offerings in Grade 10. 

This course is highly recommended. The lessons are separated into shorter lessons (5-30mins max), each focusing on a different topic (Core Lesson, Grammar, Listening, Writing, Pronunciation, etc.). The lessons seem to include more instruction than other programs, and are very foundational. This course also includes live tutoring sessions with Rosetta Stone's native language tutors, games & activities for practice, 3 meetings per course with their online teacher for assessment and instruction, and a handful of cultural projects. Second Language courses in Grade 10 covers two units (and slightly fewer requirements), while Grade 11 and 12 course offerings cover four units.


This course works for any level of language ability. For this course, the teacher meets with the family over video chat to create an SLP and they typically turn in learning portfolios at each progress reporting interval. While students must meet content standards for the BC curriculum, families are allowed tremendous flexibility to use whichever curriculum or programs they prefer and there is more flexibility with cultural projects as well.

This course is ideal for:

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