K-9 Programs - Overview

Thank you for your interest in our Kindergarten to Grade 9 Program at Heritage Christian Online School. Outlined below are the options available to you in our school. Our mission is to develop innovative Christ-centered educational opportunities for learners to explore and embrace God's unique purpose. This statement guides what we aim to do as a school in living out our Values and Vision as we work to provide educational support in your home learning adventure.

There are two Home Education programs offered through HCOS. These are Registered and Enrolled and you would have applied for one of these when you filled out an application. Below is a brief outline of these two programs and related details, please read up on the program you applied for. 

Documentation to be sent to HCOS office

Registered Program

Our Registered Program has been designed for families that desire to provide education for their children at home separate to the guidelines of the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum. Registered students receive minimal support from HCOS and you can read more on this at Support for Registered Families . Also, please see our website for more information on what it means to be Homeschool Registered. 

Enrolled Program

Our main program offered to families for support in their home learning is our Enrolled Program. This program is our fully supported program that partners you with a British Columbia Certified Teacher to build an educational program unique to each student. This is done through the resource budget available to Enrolled families, the building of a Student Learning Plan at the start of the year, and regular assessment and reporting on student progress throughout the year. This information will be reviewed with you in a General Intake Session and a phone call with your Regional Administrator. 

If you would like to read up on more information related to our programs at HCOS, you can go to our Information for Families book in our online resource SOPHIE. The majority of the information in SOPHIE pertains to our Enrolled Program.

HCOS Support in our Enrolled Program

Your Support Teacher's Role
Resource Budget
Learning Commons
Learning Groups
Curriculum Consultant and Packages 
Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Testing
Online Courses 
Weekly Contact With Support Teacher

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