HCOS Graduation Certificate

This page outlines the requirements needed to receive an HCOS Graduation Certificate on top of a student's BC Dogwood Diploma. 

Students who complete the BC Graduation requirements receive a BC Dogwood Diploma. HCOS students who complete a minimum of 8 credits in Christian Studies programming also receive an HCOS Graduation Certificate. These 8 credits can be earned through:

  • Christian Studies Online and Individualized Modules - When selecting courses, these are denoted by the CS: prefix. 
  • Specific course programming including options like Adventure Discipleship, Humanities and Comparative Civilizations Travel Program. 

These 8 credits also satisfy elective requirements for a student's BC Dogwood.

Why an HCOS Graduation Certificate?

Often we are asked what is the purpose to working towards this certificate? There are a few beneficial reasons we suggest to all students to take Christian Studies courses with us. 

  1. Faith Development - We are a Christian school and as such believe that our students should continue to be learning and growing in their personal faith journey. 
  2. Our Christian Studies courses help equip students for their future by ensuring they have a strong foundation and can clearly articulate their beliefs.
  3. Courses are designed to encourage personal development for students as articulated in the HCOS Learner Profile.  
  4. The certificate has been helpful to students applying to Post Secondary studies at Bible Colleges, YWAM programs and universities such as Trinity Western. Showing completion of some under graduate studies in the field they are pursuing can help with entrance requirements. 

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