Grad Planner - For Families

As students enter the grad program at HCOS (Grade 10-12), they begin building their transcript and accumulate credits towards a Dogwood Diploma. The Grad Planner in Encom is used for planning and tracking student progress through the various graduation requirements in BC. 

Grad Planner intro.jpg

The Grad Planner seen in Encom reflects the graduation program a student is currently enrolled in. The examples below are all from the Dogwood diploma planner, but planners also exist for the Adult Dogwood and School Completion certificates. The planner format will automatically update with the appropriate planner and requirements when a Grad Advisor updates the Graduation program a student is enrolled in as required.

The Grad Planner gives an up-to-date summary of what courses have been completed, courses in progress or enrolled, and courses or credits still required for graduation. 

Courses completed at schools outside of HCOS need to be manually added to the Grad Planner. Please inform your Grad Advisor when these are completed. 

How do I see my student’s Grad Planner?

Please note, Grad Planners are only set up and available for students as they prepare to enter the grad program. Initial setup of the Grad Planner will take place as students meet with their Grad Advisor in the spring of Grade 9.

You can access your student’s grad planner by logging into Encom. For more information on how to access Encom please see here. Once logged in, click the See More Items for this Student link at the bottom of their overview. 


Select 'Graduation Planner' to open up your student's grad planner.


The next screen will take you to your student’s Grad Planner. If you see:


Please contact your Grad Advisor and they will create a planner if needed.

What Am I Looking At?

There are two main components to the Grad Planner. 

Part 1: Overview

At the top is a summary that gives an overview of what courses a student has completed, is currently enrolled and/or active in, and what requirements still need to be completed.

Grad Planner Snapshot.jpg

The ‘Credits’ column gives a quick snapshot of the categories where a student has completed the required number of credits, and which categories have not yet been fully addressed.