Gr.12 Course Planning Worksheet


Grade 12 - British Columbia Dogwood Graduation Program Planner

If you are entering Grade 12 in the 2018/2019 school year, please use this template. There are significant differences between this template and the ones provided for the other grades. 

  • You are funded in BC until you are 19 years old, giving you the option to take Advanced Placement courses or arrange your schedule more flexibly (ex. take two months and go on a missions trip).
  • In the Scheduled column, indicate the month and year (e.g. 02/11) you plan to start that course during this school year. In that column, also indicate Semester 1 (S1), Semester 2 (S2), or Linear (L) depending on your planned pacing for each course. You will have one calendar year from the date of registration to complete a course so sometimes it is advisable to add a course later in the year than September to give yourself the maximum amount of time to complete.
  • In the Date Completed column, indicate the month and year (e.g. 06/11) that you completed the course.
  • Feel free to Print this template. If you use the options in the top right corner, you can print to PDF and then physically print a hard copy to complete. 
Required BC Ministry Courses Credits Scheduled Date Completed
English 10 (with Provincial Exam if completed before June 30, 2016) 4    
Social Studies 10 4    
Science 10 (with Provincial Exam if completed before June 30, 2016) 4    

A Mathematics 10 (with Provincial Exam if completed before June 30, 2016)

  • Foundations and PreCalculus OR
  • Apprenticeship and Workplace
Planning 10 or Career Life Education 4    
Physical and Health Education 10 or PE10  4    
Language Arts 11 - Communications 11 or English 11 4    
Social Studies 11 4    
Science 11 or 12 4    

A Mathematics 11

  • PreCalculus 11
  • Foundations 11
  • Apprenticeship and Workplace 11
Language Arts 12 - Communications 12 or English 12 (with Provincial Exam) 4    
Grad Transitions 4    
1 Fine Arts or Applied Skills (at the grade 10, 11 or 12 level) 4    
Numeracy Assessment (if you did not write the Math 10 Provincial)      
Total Credits Required:  52 credits    
Locally Developed Courses (for HCOS Certificate) Credits Scheduled Date Completed
Christian Studies 10 4    
Christian Studies 11 4    
Christian Studies 12 4    
Total Credits Earned: 12 credits    
Additional Grade 10 through 12 Credits Credits Scheduled Date Completed
Foreign Language (if planning to attend university,
up to Grade 11)
Total Credits Required: 16 credits
Total Credits Required to Graduate: 80 Credits    
  • Of the 80 credits needed for graduation, at least 16 must come from Grade 12 level courses.
  • If your student is considering a post-secondary university education, BE SURE to check to see if they require a Language 11 course as part of their Admissions criteria. Also check to see if they have any other specific course requirements
  • Daily Physical Activity: Students in Grades 11 and 12 must document and report a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity. This may also be fulfilled by taking PE 11 and PE 12
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