Encom Budget - Overages

When a student enrolls with HCOS, they get a specified amount of funding, as shown in the family's Budget Summary on their additional resource page. This amount will depend on the tuition option they have chosen. With that funding, families are able to purchase curriculum resources and lessons, but they must stay within their allotted budget.

If a family spends more than their budget, an overage will occur. All overages are the financial responsibility of the parents and must be repaid to HCOS. Teachers & parents work together to prevent overages by keeping track of the family's purchases and working within the budget. The HCOS Finance office also has several processes to help families manage their budgets.

HCOS has two ways families can make purchases:
  1. Purchasing Department - for purchases you would like to make from a vendor who requires payment at point of sale (for example amazon).
  2. Purchase Order system - families make orders directly from approved vendors or Lesson Providers using their PO#.
Purchasing Department:
Purchase Order system:

It is important to note that the HCOS Finance Department is not aware of any purchases families make, using the PO system, until invoices are received by our office. Vendors have their own timeline on when they send invoices to HCOS, sometimes it can take a few months before our department receives invoices from particular vendors. It is important families keep track of their purchases and look for the posting to be entered in ENCOM.

If parents, teachers and HCOS Finance are all working together to prevent overages, how do they still occur?
Given the above, what are some ways families can prevent overages?

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